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The __DM__ System installation process will use the 'hostname -f' command to get the system name. The host name is used by the __DM__ system when configuring services to make them available 'publicly' on the 'Host-only Adapter' network. This makes services available to the other VMs running on the 'vboxnet0' network. In order for the to recieve names for each system during network setup, the hostname must be set for each system. The system hostname on a CentOS system can be set with the hostnamectl command. In a multiple node environment VMs will also need some form of name resolution for the VM nodes in the system. This can be acheived by adding node entries in /etc/hosts file.
The system installed fro
The DM installation process uses scp to transfer some files (such as Certificate Authority files) from one node to another during the setup process. To facilitate this process, ssh-keys should be generated for the different nodes and be copied into the authorized key files on the data-storage node. On both of these systems the following command will generate a set of RSA key files.
> ssh-keygen
When prompted for location for these files accept the default ($HOME/.ssh/id\_rsa). When prompted for a password, press the enter return for no password. To copy the public key into the authorized file use the _ssh-copy-id_ command. On both machines use:
> ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id\ dmadmin@data-storage
The DM System will use a number of different ports to provide services. As a root user run _firewall-config_. Add _permanent_ ports for services shown in the table below.
![Directory example](images/firewall-setup.png "Firewall setup" )
data-storge ports
| Port Number | Service |
| --- | --- |
| 22236 | DM Storage |
| 8181 | DM Administrative Portal |
| 8182 | Nginx Server |
exp-station ports
Port Number | Service
33336 | DM DAQ Service
44436 | DM Cataloging Service
55536 | DM Processing Service
26017 | Mongo DB Server
18182 | Mongo Express Application, localhost
### Support Tools Installation
Before installation of the APS Data Management System a number of tools need to be installed on the server nodes. The __DM__ system depends on tools such as Java, Python, Postgresql, MongoDB, ZeroMQ, etc. A set of scripts have been established which will download, build (when necessary) and install these tools for use with the __DM__ system. While it is possible to install most of these tools using more conventional means (e.g. RPM on Linux) the install scripts provided here builds and installs these tools specifically for use with the __DM__ system.
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