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......@@ -7,10 +7,19 @@ Release 2.3.0 (04/15/2019)
a single list-experiment-files command or API call
- Added more diagnostic output to compression/decompression utilities
- DM Station GUI fixes/enhancements:
- Added logging and ability to use DM_CONSOLE_LOG_LEVEL environment
variable to specify logging level
- Resolved issue with undefined self key in exception hook
- Added support for single file upload
- Added support for experiment root path
- Added warning dialog for experiment updates
- Added number of tooltips
- Optimized handling of file metadata for experiments with large
number of files
- Added support for pagination while fetching full list of files
- Implemented progress dialog when fetching a very large set of files
- Resolved issue with filter boxes layout not matching data table
default column sizes
Release 2.2.2 (02/11/2019)
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