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prepare for release 3.2.1

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Release 3.2.1 (01/15/2020)
- DM GUI Changes:
- Reworked configuration options for DAQs and uploads; those now support
including/excluding file extensions
- Fixed bug that was preventing usingconfiguration options and additional
keywords at the same time
Release 3.2.0 (11/05/2019)
- Implemented ability to include or exclude file extensions for uploads and DAQs
......@@ -14,7 +22,7 @@ Release 3.1.0 (10/25/2019)
- Enabled URL scheme for transfer plugin configuration; this allows
multiple gridftp hosts per deployment
- Updated support software to allow offsite installation
- DM GUI changes
- DM GUI changes:
- Add settings page
- Allow user to specify refresh rates per module.
- Fixed protocol parsing bug
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