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Fix formatting of some paths.

Fix mistakes in scripts to be run to restart.  Mixed up monitor & db
between the data-storage and the exp-station.
parent a547022a
......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ This node will be responsible for providing the data storage web service, the po
To install _dm_ compnents for the data-storage node
* cd DM\_INSTALL\_DIR/production
* edit etc/dm.deploy.conf to change DM\_CA\_HOST to data-storage
* ./sbin/install\_dm\_deploy\_data\
* ./sbin/dm\_deploy\_data\
- This deploy process will install components and prompt for user input as necessary. Prompts will ask for a number of system passwords, some existing and some being set by this process, node names for the DS web service node and file locations. These include
- __postgres__ admin account - This will be used to manage the postgres itself. Each developer can set this to a unique value.
- __dm__ db management account - This will be for mananging the 'dm' database in postgres. Each developer can set this to a unique value.
......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ This node will provide _daq_, _proc_ and _cat_ web services. These services wil
To install _dm_ components on the exp-station:
* cd DM\_INSTALL\_DIR/production
* Edit the file etc/dm.deploy.conf to ensure that the DM\_CA\_HOST is set to the data-storage node.
* ./sbin/install\_dm\_deploy\_exp\
* ./sbin/dm\_deploy\_exp\
- This will start the installation process which will prompt for
- DM DS Web Service Host (data-storage in this case
- DM DS Web Servervice Installation directory (where the web service is installed on node data-storage)
......@@ -194,11 +194,11 @@ Each step in a workflow can define inputs and outputs which can then be used in
If needed the test system can be restarted running a couple of startup commands. Change directory the DM install directory and then
* data-storage
* DM\_INSTALL\_DIR/production/etc/init.d/dm-db-services restart
* DM\_INSTALL\_DIR/production/etc/init.d/dm-ds-services restart
* DM\_INSTALL\_DIR/production/etc/init.d/dm-monitor-services restart
* exp-station
* DM\_INSTALL\_DIR/production/etc/init.d/dm-db-services restart
* DM\_INSTALL\_DIR/production/etc/init.d/dm-daq-services restart
* DM\_INSTALL\_DIR/production/etc/init.d/dm-monitor-services restart
This may be necessary if, for instance, the system has been rebooted. These commands restart several services in the install directory. If you have modified something in only one of these services you may be able to restart that service. For instance if only the data storage web service needs to be rebooted then you can run
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