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All experimenters on APS Proposal or ESAF should have created an account through the [APS Web Portal]( If the user does not have a badge number, they will need to [register with the APS User Office]( To verify or update the Web Password, users can try to log into the web portal above. Like other web accounts, it is possible to update an unknown/expired password by clicking a link on the portal web page. For this you will need to provide answers to security questions that were entered at the time the account was set up.
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## Globus Connect Personal
This following section will discuss how to enable Globus Connect Personal. Globus Connect Personal is a service that allows individual users to access and transfer data that is available at the APS on site. It does this by creating an endpoint at at the user's personal machine. Then, the user can transfer data from the endpoint at the APS storage system to the endpoint at their own computer. There are two ways to install it on a personal machine: from the home page and from the file manager. The two methods are explained below.
##### Home Page
On Globus' home page, there are several drop down options in the top right corner. The first drop down is labeled "I Want To.." One of the following options is "Enable Globus on my System."
Clicking on that option will lead to the Globus Connect page. Globus Connect can allow users to establish an endpoint at either a personal machine, Globus Connect Personal, or a multi-user computing system, Globus Connect Server. Here, we want to focus on a single user. Scrolling down the page will reveal the two Globus Connect options.
Select the "Get Globus Connect Personal" hyperlink to lead to the Globus Connect Personal installation page. Based on your operating system, select the corresponding hyperlink.
Globus has its own documentation on the installation process for each operating system. Following the steps on that page will allow you to establish an endpoint at your own machine and begin transferring files. It also has detailed instructions for how to remove Globus Connect Personal.
##### File Manager
Globus Connect Personal can also be managed from the file manager page that was discussed before. Once a user logs in, the home page looks as such.
Users can search for specific collections of data by using the search bar shown above. Clicking on the search bar will cause the interface to change to the following layout:
As visible here, Globus Connect Personal is available through the "Recent" tab under the search bar. If it is not visible from that tab, navigate to the "More Options" tab.
Click on the "Install Globus Connect Personal" button. This will lead you to a page with the option to download Globus Connect Personal. The first option is for a Mac download. However, if you have another operating system, click the hyperlink below for Windows and Linux installations. There is also a hyperlink above that will lead you to a detailed explanation about Globus Connect Personal.
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