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Change deploy_data_station to deploy data_storage and change docs to use

data-storage more consistantly.
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......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ This node will be responsible for providing the data storage web service, the po
To install _dm_ compnents for the data-storage node
* cd DM\_INSTALL\_DIR/production
* edit etc/dm.deploy.conf to change DM\_CA\_HOST to data-storage
* ./sbin/install\_dm\_deploy\_data\
* ./sbin/install\_dm\_deploy\_data\
- This deploy process will install components and prompt for user input as necessary. Prompts will ask for a number of system passwords, some existing and some being set by this process, node names for the DS web service node and file locations. These include
- __postgres__ admin account - This will be used to manage the postgres itself. Each developer can set this to a unique value.
- __dm__ db management account - This will be for mananging the 'dm' database in postgres. Each developer can set this to a unique value.
......@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ Each step in a workflow can define inputs and outputs which can then be used in
### Restarting the test system
If needed the test system can be restarted running a couple of startup commands. Change directory the DM install directory and then
* data-station
* data-storage
* DM\_INSTALL\_DIR/production/etc/init.d/dm-ds-services restart
* DM\_INSTALL\_DIR/production/etc/init.d/dm-monitor-services restart
* exp-station
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