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......@@ -99,4 +99,47 @@ as directed by a relative or absolute path.
* ![](./
* ![](./
* ![/APSshare/caqtdm/RULES_ADL2UI](./RULES_ADL2UI)
\ No newline at end of file
* ![/APSshare/caqtdm/RULES_ADL2UI](./RULES_ADL2UI)
Mark Engbretson contributes this:
a small script that may help other beamlines do that adl to caqtdm port
I have a bash script named
find . -name "*.adl" -exec dirname {} \; | sort | uniq > dir.list
xargs -0 -n 1 echo cp /home/beams/S12IDC/Desktop/Makefile < <(tr \\n \\0 <dir.list) >
xargs -0 -n 1 echo SUBDIRS += < <(tr \\n \\0 <dir.list) > dir3.list
The first line creates a file of all unique directories which contain
an adl file from the location the command is run.
The second line create a bash script which copies that minimal makefile
into each of those directories if run. Obviously the location of the
"prime empty" makefile is used instead of my local copy.
The 3rd line creates a file `SUBDIRS +=` which can be cut and paste into
some top level makefile which when run, will directly hit all those lower
level directory makefiles and run adl2ui.
If there are embedded spaces in file name, the makefile will abort and allow
you to fix them for else you can run
make –k
and it will just skip those.
The list of all adl file directories, which now also contain your `.ui`
files as well, can be used as a model to create the `CAQTDT_DISPLAY_PATH`
that apply.
Normally user files are not a major thing to convert, but I also ran this
against a copy of synapps 5_6, 5_7, and 5_8 just to get freshly recreated
UI screens. I have a number of messy legacy screen locations that relate
to stand along detectors in use at Sector 12, which are a pain to walk
through looking for files. Now I don’t have to.
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