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============= is a bash script that allows reclaiming ownership of files in a directory that is group writable.
Why is this script needed?
There are a number of compounding factors:
* Only root can change the user ownership of a file with the ```chown``` command
* The default ```umask``` of ```22``` encourages creating files that are not writable by group members
* Files frequently need to be modified by group members.
$ ./
Usage: <username> <directory> <file_pattern>
* *username* the username of the files from which ownership will be taken
* *directory* the directory containing the files from which ownership will be taken
* *file_pattern* the glob pattern matching filenames from which ownership will be taken
$ ./ bcda /net/s32dserv/xorApps/epics/synApps_5_6/ioc/32idsectorApp/op/adl "*.adl"
This will change the ownership of all adl files in the 32idsectorApp/op/adl dir (and subdirectories) from bcda to the user running the takeOwnership script.
Theory of Operation
The user running must have write access to the directory specified in the 2nd argument. does the following:
1. Runs ```find``` with ```-user=<username>``` and ```-name="<file_pattern>"``` to get a list of the relevant files
1. Iterates over the list of files
1. Moves each file to file-DELETE-ME-SOON
1. Copies file-DELETE-ME-SOON to file, preserving timestamps
1. Deletes file-DELETE-ME-SOON
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