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add test scenarios for esaf/proposal users

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## Test Scenarios
### Experiment tab
- [ ] clicking `add experiment` button switches to `experiment settings` tab
- [ ] clicking `add experiment` button switches to `ESAF list` tab if ESAF list
- [ ] clicking `add experiment` button switches to `experiment settings` tab if no ESAF list
- [ ] clicking `use selected` button switches to `experiment settings` tab with experiment info filled in
- [ ] cliciking `delete experiment` button removes experiment
- [ ] Delete experiment had a pop up which says number of associated files. Need to make sure that number is correct
......@@ -33,6 +34,17 @@ TODO
- [ ] clicking experiment changes row color to blue
- [ ] double clicking experiment opens `experiment settings` tab
### ESAF List tab
- [ ] shows list of ESAFs
- [ ] clicking esaf changes row color to blue
- [ ] double clicking esaf opens `experiment settings` tab with users populated
- [ ] `show details` and `use esaf` buttons disabled if no esaf is selected
- [ ] clicking `continue manually` button opens `experiment settings` tab with no users populated
- [ ] `current year` selection box has years for all experiment and filters list by year
- [ ] clicking `show details` button ?
- [ ] clicking `use esaf` button opens `experiment settings` tab with users populated
- [ ] clicking `use gup db` button changes list to be populated with gups, `use esaf` button to `use gup` button, and year filter option to run filter option.
### Experiment Settings tab
- [ ] clicking `back` button return to `experiment list` tab
- [ ] clicking `file collection stats` button error pop up if not saved
......@@ -167,9 +179,13 @@ TODO
- [ ] clicking `<->` button moves selected users to the other list (swap if one selected in both lists)
- [ ] double clicking a user moves them to the other list
- [ ] input fields filter user list
- [ ] (clarify esafs behaviour)
- [ ] clicking `reset` button undoes any changes made since last save
- [ ] clicking `reset` button with a new experiment is a noop
- [ ] clicking `save` button opens `experiment settings` tab with updated users list
- [ ] show proposals, users list, and year select hidden if no ESAFs
- [ ] clicking `show proposals` button switches list to proposals
- [ ] selecting esaf/proposal from select box populates list with users from that esaf/proposal
- [ ] selecting year from year select box changes options in esaf/proposal select box to those from that year, sets selection to default 'all users' and resets user list
### System Parameters for DAQ modal
- [ ] `process hidden files` has true/false options, false default
......@@ -216,30 +232,11 @@ TODO
## Issues
- start daq warning pop up gives a whole list of potential problems but it could instead tell you which depending on the error/check that failed
- If the “details tab” is open then you switch to a tab then go back the details tab is still open. So if you say start daq when you had an experiment open it takes you to that experiment. What if you wanted a different one? Should take you to experiment list
- file collection stats button shows error pop up if not saved, view files is hidden if not saved (inconsistent)
- Add workflow button isn't doing anything
- Delete workflow button isn't doing anything
- File details tab shows the search bar from file list tab at the top, modifies file list tab in the background (should remove)
- Update compression of files clears search filtering
- no limit on search size inputs (not important)
- Implement workflows tab
- File details tab shows the search bar from file list tab at the top
- clicking go to button in file list tab crashes program if input field is empty or non numeric
- it was unclear to me that the input fields in the users list was in order to search for a user. I thought it was for creating a new user. Could be more clear by adding a picture of a magnifying glass or a label that says search. It seems odd to me too that it is row 1 inside of the table instaed of above/below the table. Also since there is a cli command for creating a new user, it could be a part of the gui as well
- in user management, show esafs button changes to show proposals button and vice versa, and every time you click the drop down gets filled with more and more "beamline name and esaf sector not set"
- can there be an option to set the beamline/esaf sector from the gui?
- saving a new or modified workflow step crashes the gui (workflow is not json serializable)
- add regex output button appears to do nothing
- Experiment file path for single file upload
- experiment types populate from db
## Questions
- Where do the experiment types get populated from? When are there more options than the station name?
- Experiment file path for single file upload only has option to use path as directory. When would there be more options? Why does this appear when typing? What if it's showing as blank?
- Where do files go if storage root path is blank?
- What is add workflow button supposed to do? Open a modal or a different tab? Which class?
- Are table features programmed by us or built into pyqt table class? (column sort, bold row/col names when selected)
- Should double clicking a workflow step open the modify step modal?
- what does the go to button on the file list tab do? something about bin numbers but no number I put in does anything but cause an error
- for user management tab, what does the --- drop down do?
- beamline/esaf sector not set does it get set?
- if you exit out of system params for daq/upload instead of clicking done, should it not save the changes? (right now it does)
- should we disable editing a workflow if there is a processing job currently running for that workflow?
- when is edit regex output button not disabled for update workflow step?
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