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6. Re-source the setup file from step 1.
- source etc/
At this point we will are more in a position to start using the sytem. The users
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At this point we will are more in a position to start using the sytem. As a first test we will add a few test users to the system and then run the command dm-test-upload which will
* create a new experiment
* attach a list of users to the experiment
* define a location where data exists
* defines a path to store the data in the storage system
* starts an upload which copies data from the original location to the specified directory on the storage system
To accomplish this we use the following
To add 3 users
dm-add-user --username jprofessor --last-name Professor --first-name John
dm-add-user --username gpostdoc --last-name Postdoc --first-name George
dm-add-user --username jgradstudent --last-name Gradstudent --first-name Jane
To add an experiment, define the users, and kick off an upload:
dm-test-upload --experiment=e1 --data-directory=/home/dmadmin/testData --dest-directory=MyFirstExperiment --users=jprofessor,gpostdoc,jgradstudent
This should provide output like the following
id=23 name=e1 experimentTypeId=1 experimentStationId=1 startDate=2019-11-07 16:04:30.919828-05:00
id=ec513c1d-45a3-414f-8c56-50a9d4d6dbdd experimentName=e1 dataDirectory=/home/dmadmin/testData status=pending nProcessedFiles=0 nProcessingErrors=0 nFiles=0 startTime=1573160671.17 startTimestamp=2019/11/07 16:04:31 EST
This command will
* Create an experiment named `e1`with
- The three experimenters `jprofessor`, `gpostdoc` & `jgradstudent`
- The data that is being collected will be found at `/home/dmadmin/testData`
- Any data/files found in `/home/dmadmin/testData` will be found in a directory `TEST/e1/MyFirstExperiment` of the storage location defined for the Data Storage service.
Output like the following
We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System
likely means that one of the config files did not disable the principalAuthenticator2, LinuxUtility or LdapLinuxPlatformUtility as described at the end of the installation section of this document.
We can now look at the results of what we have done in a number of ways:
The commands `dm-list-users` and `dm-get-experiment --experiment=e1 --display-keys=ALL --display-format=pprint` will give
id=1 username=dm firstName=System lastName=Account
id=2 username=dmtest firstName=DM lastName=Test
id=3 username=jprofessor firstName=John lastName=Professor
id=4 username=gpostdoc firstName=George lastName=Postdoc
id=5 username=jgradstudent firstName=Jane lastName=Gradstudent
{ u'experimentStation': { u'description': u'Test Station',
u'id': 1,
u'name': u'TEST'},
u'experimentStationId': 1,
u'experimentType': { u'description': u'Experiment type used for testing',
u'id': 1,
u'name': u'TEST'},
u'experimentTypeId': 1,
u'experimentUsernameList': [u'gpostdoc', u'jgradstudent', u'jprofessor'],
u'id': 23,
u'name': u'e1',
u'startDate': u'2019-11-07 16:04:30.919828-05:00',
u'storageDirectory': u'/home/dmadmin/storage/TEST/e1',
u'storageHost': u'localhost',
u'storageUrl': u'extrepid://localhost/home/dmadmin/storage/TEST/e1'}
\ No newline at end of file
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