qtcalibrator is working to provide some access to all main features.
  * Can import the Energy list from the scan file
  * Can add a list of exposures by selecting them with Select Exposures
  * Can adjust the brightness, etc of the image to see features
  * can select ROIs to define the bits of the images which will be used
in the calibration
  * can do a calibration of the data.
  * Can save and load of the calibration & other header info.
  * Can export/import ROIs that define the crystal regions to be used in
  * It seems that the files saved/imported can be used in either the WX
or Qt version of the code at this point.  The same code is being used to
read & write the files at this point.
  * Have tried to move code so that it is compatible with both Python 2
and 3.  Compatibility starts to fall apart when we get to trying to use
both wx and Qt versions of the code. The wx version is using wx 3.0 for
now.  With Anaconda Python 3, too many old packages are attached to
wxPython.  Don't want to deal with that for now.  Would be better to try
and get it working with wxPython 4 instead.